2017 Bald is Beautiful – II

Jamie’s Hope Bald is Beautiful Program: to empower those who are struggling with the reality of dealing with the effects of hair loss as a result of chemotherapy.

Participant: Madison

Photographer: Sam Craft with Sam Craft Photography

Makeup Artist: Lyndsey Conerly

Location: Texas A&M University Texas A&M Volleyball

Thank you to all our Donors! Donors from Cindy Gilmore Barnes Facebook Fundraiser, Texas A&M Volleyball, SignPaths.com, M-Laurenne Balczon, Squeezed, Naturmetic, JuneBugs & Dragonflies, The Eagle, JH Team & Attendees: Adam Dallas Barnes, Jamie Gilmore, Eugenie Bailey, Gerard Bailey. Thank You Lisa Gertsch for the idea! Missouri Texas A&M NCAA Volleyball Missouri vs. Texas A&M NCAA college volleyball game Sunday, Sept. 23, 2017, in College Station, Texas.