Angel Tree Mission Project

Help Brighten Christmas for Struggling Families Battling Cancer

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Make checks out to “Jamie’s Hope” & Mail to: Jamie’s Hope, 5858 Westheimer, Suite 708, Houston, TX 77057

Angel Tree Mission Project – Program Details

Fighting cancer… an experience you cannot fathom unless you or a loved one has endured it. It’s a horrible road to battle… countless doctors visits, chemo treatments, radiation, scans, surgery, horrid side effects, exhaustion, and more; all while hoping and praying for a positive outcome.


Imagine the holidays are approaching and you’re barely able to function. Your heart aches as you ponder… How will I be able to provide Christmas for my family? My children are already having to deal with this disease that’s taken over our lives… And now they may not even have a Christmas.


That’s where we step in… Jamie’s Hope supporters provide all the Christmas gifts for families in the Houston area, who are devastated due to battling cancer. Our goal… bring a glimpse of hope to such a bleak situation.


To apply please follow the link below to the Jamie’s Hope Angel Tree Mission Program Application. If you have any questions email




2018 Angel Tree Mission Video

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Angel Tree Missions in Previous Years