14-yr-old Estela, diagnosed in 2012 with a blood fungus (Leukemia) is in and out of the hospital with a very weak immune system…

Meet the Gomez Family… a Jamie’s Hope Angel Tree Family

Estela was first diagnosed in 2012 with Leukemia. When she received her 1st chemo treatment, she had a reaction and got fungus in her blood. She became so ill that she was admitted to ICU for about a month. She was then readmitted for a full six months.

This has been really challenging for the family with only one parent, her father, Genaro, working. He works in construction and has been in and out of work. Their family lives far from the hospital and have to travel back and forth a lot for routine treatments, including doing daily chemotherapy via pills and monthly intravenous Chemotherapy.  She is being treated at Texas Children’s and has to go there every 2 weeks to check her count. Their family struggles, but still maintain a hopeful outlook.

They are a family of six, including mom, Gloria, father, Genaro, Isabel (15), Estela (14), Gloria (7) and Raphael (3).

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