Dress Accomplished by H. Harloquin!

Jamie with Haley at H. Harloquin

Jamie with Haley at H. Harloquin

Finally got my dress accomplished!!!! The owner Haley of H.Harloquin dressed me for the event and was AMAZING!!!!! I was worried about chemo/treatment making me fluffier this year :(

For the first time I dreaded dress shopping and put it off hoping I would drop a few pounds after I started working on major changes to my diet.  Since last year I gained weight likely due to all of the wonderful medication that goes along with cancer.  Soooooo my plans got put on hold for a short amount of time due to us recently putting a contract on a house finally (so moving, trying to sell our house, I am also the broker which means more work and closing might actually fall on Friday or Saturday, complete CHAOS!), Chemotherapy + Targeted Therapy, a recent severe pain episode that almost sent me to the ER our HUGE annual Gala, and of course life!!   So……. my future goals to make changes to all areas of my lifestyle to help fight my cancer, severe fatigue, energy, etc… is right around the corner and I am excited and hopeful!!!!!!  I am soooooooooooo SICK OF BEING SICK!!!!!  So everybody will see the puffier version of Jamie this year, but what I am really excited about is seeing everybody in the future after I have changed my life :)

Anyways…….. I was unusually surprised by how wonderful dress shopping ended up being considering how insecure I was feeling about myself.  I never imagined I would find a gown this easy (or actually Haley found, lol).  She already had several in mind making it super easy for me.  So dress after dress it kept getting better and better, which I never expected to have more than one option.  In the past I would look through tons of gowns and it would take several trips.  This was the fastest I have ever accomplished getting ready for an event.  I only wish I would have met Haley years ago, but at least now I know where I will be going next time I need a gown :)  She has many of my favorite designers, has the ability to get alterations done promptly and can special order as well.  Thank god I didn’t start looking at the designer catalogues or she may have had to kick me out, lol.  I actually saw several options I plan on going back for after I drop a few pounds to get my dress for New Years which is normally in Vegas this year, but its looking like the Bahamas (Atlantis) this year.

If anybody does needs a dress she is definitely the one, so included her info below just in case :)