Nitrites and Nitrates

Sorry to all of my bacon lovers out there!!!

Since it is cancer prevention month, thought I would start with a few common items found in the fridge of many americans. So here’s a little education on the EWG’s “Dirty Dozen.” Lets start with Nitrites and Nitrates! Wasn’t hard to find products with these additives, checked the labels on 2 products I found, both containing Sodium Nitrites. Nitrites and nitrates are used as a preservative in meats like bacon, sausage, and hot dogs. So what do you do? Check your labels, reduce consumption or avoid them altogether to reduce your risk of cancer.

Not only are you getting these awesome food additives in many common foods, but did you know processed meat is classified as a Group 1 by the World Health Organization (WHO) International Agency For Research on Cancer???? Cigarettes, asbestos, arsenic and alcohol are also classified in Group 1, pretty scary thought!!

These have been some of my favorites and I have also battled cancer for over half of my life (20+ years), I know giving up bacon may not be possible for some, so you can always reduce consumption, purchase meats that are nitrate/nitrite free or just don’t eat it!!!!

~ Jamie

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