Struggling during the Holidays with cancer ❄️ The Reason Angel Tree Started ❄️

Going through cancer treatment for me has been a great struggle to keep up with everyday duties and especially during the holidays. Every single day I wake up thinking how am I going to get through the day and get stuff done (sick, low energy, or just don’t feel good) whereas before cancer I woke up everyday with energy thinking what am I going accomplish or get done.

The first year I was I on treatment for my 4th cancer relapse (targeted therapy and chemotherapy-2012) I experienced a new struggle that I had never encountered with my previous cancer treatments. We had our daughter, family that we always hosted which I did almost all the shopping for (25-40 people) and the Christmas lunch. I love shopping (so it’s fun and not work, lol) but it was a lot when I was healthy with normal energy, so when the holidays arrived I didn’t know how I was going to get through it.
Thank god I have a support system and we could afford to pay for help as well when needed!!!!!!

Many families that go through cancer may lose part of a salary or all of it when they can’t work and on top of losing income cancer is EXPENSIVE!!! I have always said… I don’t know how families with lower to middle incomes get through this due to all the added costs of cancer. One day I am going to add a list of all the expenses that cancer can add to a person or families.
Ex. Prior to this cancer relapse I cooked and cleaned ALOT more, since I can’t keep up with my previous everyday duties we spend more money on eating out, to-go and a maid (which can be expensive).

Sooooooo……. Due to my personal experiences, seeing the effect cancer had in my life + inspiration & HARD WORKING JH family and friends we now have Angel Tree.

Also… the families we select are in the battle, because every person that knows me can tell you how I feel….. the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER = Cancer Free!!!!!!!! I guarantee you any cancer patient, families and myself that are fighting would tell you all they really want for Christmas is to live :)

As for our families that were fortunate enough to beat cancer, there is still a long road to recovery, prevention, financial recovery, side effects from therapies, etc…… and the holidays are likely still very challenging when trying to recover from the devastation of cancer

And…. For anybody that made it the bottom of my long post, lol… I hope to see many of you tonight at our fundraiser for our 2014 adopted families!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Jamie

(Few pics from last year holiday season)

Dec 4 pic D

Dec 4 pic C

Dec 4 pic B