Treasure bound…..

Destin, Mindfulness & Metal Detecting!!

‪#‎Destin‬ here I come with my new metal detector!!!! After accomplishing a ‪#‎BucketList‬ item and loving it, I bought a metal detector. Can’t wait to get out on the ‪#‎beach‬!!!! Now hoping to find treasures to pay for the new ‪#‎Minelab‬ ‪#‎CTX3030‬!!!!! Will post pics later of my finds which better not be trash, lol!!

FYI….. I think this is kind of like working on ‪#‎mindfulness‬, I am completely unaware of my surroundings , relaxed enjoying the scenery and zoned out of the real world & all the ‪#‎stress‬ that comes with life.