Angel Tree Mission Project 2014

Help Brighten Christmas for Struggling Families Battling Cancer

Angel Tree Mission Project – Program Details

Fighting cancer… an experience you cannot fathom unless you or a loved one has endured it. It’s a horrible road to battle… countless doctors visits, chemo treatments, radiation, scans, surgery, etc.; all while hoping, praying for a positive outcome.

Now, imagine the holidays are approaching… your family is now thousands of dollars in debt with medical bills stacking up… you’re barely able to get by financially and the holidays are approaching. Your heart aches as you ponder… How will I be able to provide Christmas for my family? My children are already having to deal with this disease that’s taken over our lives… And now they may not even have a Christmas.

That’s where we step in… Jamie’s Hope supporters provide all the Christmas gifts for families in the Houston area, who are financially devastated due to battling cancer. Our goal… bring a glimpse of hope to such a bleak situation.


Meet Our 2014 Angel Tree Families…


 Mendoza Family of 4

5-year-old Alex had always been a very happy, sweet and crazily active little boy… that was until he was no longer able to walk and now battling for his life.

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 Woodard Family of 6

 5-year-old Tristran, sick from birth and continuously mis-diagnosed fights for his life…

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 Gomez Family of 6

14-yr-old Estela, diagnosed in 2012 with a blood fungus (Leukemia) is in and out of the hospital with a very weak immune system…

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 Swaim Family of 3

Single mom, Michelle, was diagnosed with Melanoma in August of 2012; a battle she continues to fight.

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 Forner Family of 4

19-yr-old, Madison, mother of a 2-year-old son, puts up her fists and takes cancer head on!

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 Day Family of 4

22-month-old Nolan just beginning his life, suddenly battling a very rare case of cancer.

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 Culbertson Family of 3

First diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1982, Deb proves to be a strong fighter who gives it all to her family and her community.

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It’s time to come together & help brighten Christmas for these families!!



Early Bird Tickets: $25 (through Thanksgiving Day) | $35 after Nov. 27th


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Jamie Gilmore, founder and inspiration behind the non-profit Jamie’s Hope, continues to battle a rare form of cancer, Acinic Cell Carcinoma. After suffering through the extreme side-effects of chemotherapy for almost 3 years, she decided to completely change her life through diet, exercise, meditation and extreme lifestyle modification. The difference has been nothing short of amazing!! Although she still battles this stage 4 disease, her scans show extremely promising results! As she fights to live, she has chosen to take life by the horns and inspire others to do the same. She blogs daily in hopes that she can encourage others to live life to the fullest and JUMP into living a healthy, well-rounded life. Lifestyle Matters; dedicated to educating others on the importance of cancer prevention through diet & nutrition, physical & emotional wellness and stress management. Click here for photos… WE DID IT! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTED THE JUMP FOR JAMIE!   $4,300 Raised for Jamie’s Hope Programs!!! Special Thanks… to those that donated $250+ and took advantage of our Lifestyle Matters T-shirt BONUS! Golfers Against Cancer Dan & Lynn McIntyre Texas Eye Institute Dr. Charles & Tammie Johnson SecurityNational Mortgage Company Brian de Armas Massage Heights Debbie Weatherford Thrive Drip Spa Gilad Lutfak & Erin Kemp Options Urgent Care & Wellness Center Dr. Wasim Khan & Fatema Naqvi Earl & Paulette Gilmore Tubular Solutions, Inc. Timothy Bedore What an awesome experience. As Jamie chooses to live her life to the fullest, she’s encouraging others to do the same (even if she has to drag us!). Thank you Jamie for challenging each one of us...


I am sure everybody has heard of parabens, but what are they? I heard the word for years, but just didn’t care to listen. But guess what, a life with cancer has me listening now!!! For some of you lucky individuals that have never been affected by cancer or don’t care, you’re welcome to keep ingesting and using products loaded with chemicals, but you may want to start hoping and praying for good health. With the cancer statistics these days the odds aren’t in anybody’s favor!!! Parabens (an endocrine-disrupting chemical with a structure similar to estrogen) is used as a common preservative to prevent microbes from growing. They can be found in processed meats, pastries, make-up, face wash, toiletries, shampoos, and even the contraceptive pill. According to the the American Chemical Society parabens are in about 85% of our personal care products… SCARY! A recent study even showed parabens can spur the growth in certain types of breast cancer cells. So what to do? Read labels, read labels, read labels!!! Look for products that are “paraben free.” OR you can choose to do nothing like I did for 20 years and hope for the best, but that didn’t work out so well for me smile emoticon Common Names to Avoid: parabens, methyparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, isopropylparaben, or any ingredients ending in –paraben So today’s project: clean house. Oh… Em… Gee. I couldn’t believe how many products I was previously using or had in guest bathrooms. Seriously…. was shocked and I didn’t even look in the pantry! I was even more shocked to learn Weight Watchers and Archer Farms even...

Potassium Bromate

Did you know that potassium bromate is banned in the United Kingdom, China, Brazil, Peru and many other European countries, BUT NOT THE UNITED STATES? I found that quite interesting and since I have been fighting cancer for over 20 years, I thought it was about time I learn what I have been eating most of my life. So today I bring you a little information on potassium bromate, another food additive that makes the EWG’s “Dirty Dozen.” Considering I previously consumed a diet high in baked goods, processed food and fast food, my guess is I have likely consumed tons of potassium bromate in my lifetime. So what is potassium bromate anyways??? Bromated flour contains potassium bromate, an oxidizing agent commonly used in commercial baking to promote rising, improve and strengthen dough. In the U.S., the FDA has encouraged bakers to voluntarily stop using bromated flour, but shouldn’t we be doing more? At least California is doing something… they are the only state to have potassium bromate on their Proposition 65 list (which warns residents of danger associated with the chemical by requiring a cancer warning on their labels). Thank you California!! Only 49 more states to go unsure emoticon You can also read more at the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) which found that this chemical appears to be “formally identified” as causing cancer. I also included a link with the awesome Proposition 65 list for those interested in avoiding potentially dangerous and toxic chemicals. If that’s not convincing enough, potassium bromate is labeled as a category 2B carcinogen by the International Agency for Research...